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No one can dump down the important role word of mouth plays when it comes to discovering new products of service providers. It has always been there from the beginning of time. In the recent past, the Consumer Report magazine took over in order to reach more consumers. It updates consumers about new products, new players, technology, and customer experience practices, among others.

The e-commerce age’s demand for timely, up to date and real customer reviews has changed the way these reports are served. A lot of them, like Amazon and e-Bay have reviews for all their sellers/vendors. Essay writing companies which serve college students lack systems where their writers are reviewed openly by their customers leading to a few challenges.

The purpose of utnewsfeed.com is to serve this group of consumers. Our aim is to create more informed, wise student consumers by providing them with all the information they’ll need with regards to choosing essay writing services.

Student consumers and the essay writing company’s business model

Students rely on essay writing companies whenever there is an assignment they can do. Essay writing companies connect them to professional essay writers through their guarded platforms. Sometimes, the experience of the students is unpalatable while great at other times. Cases of students getting poorly written essays and term papers are rampant. They need to be provided with reviews befitting the amount of money they spend on essays every now and then.

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Why essay writing companies should be reviewed

Essay writing companies mainly operate without anyone checking them out. This mostly happens because they operate with utmost privacy. However, this doesn’t separate their customer experiences. In fact, a lot of their customers get hurt while dealing with them. Reviews are very critical because they can help them draw trends/patterns with regards to companies that have no focus on their experience. Reviews can help consumers make informed decisions as far as choosing essay companies is concerned. utnewsfeed.com helps these students whenever possible.

How our system works

We regularly ask our users to share about their experiences through this platform. The consumers/students leave a comment or rank an essay writing service. We use our system to rank top essay writing companies. As for the comments, we normally add them as part of the review. We also send our investigators to review essay writing companies. We use their summary to help consumers study various providers for wiser decision making.